Dental Antiaging

Today, many products and procedures make us look younger. Rejuvenating the smile is one of the most effective of these applications. Over the years, we can observe that the color of our teeth darkens and their length becomes shorter and our smile becomes faint. By means of aesthetic dentistry, your smile and your teeth  can be made completely natural and ideal.

Over the years our upper lip hangs down with the effect of gravity. Nose tip and jaw tip approaches to each other. This is, the lower part of the face becomes shorter. This also prevents us from chewing well enough.  In addition, if there is a clenching and grinding problem, the teeth will quickly become shorter and often break. Teeth start to look bad, fail to function, and in addition, problems occur in the jaw joint, all of which makes the person look older.

In order to eliminate these problems and to treat the patient both for health and aesthetically, by applying the correct treatments in a timely and sufficient manner, the lips can be recovered and the lines around the lips can be reduced providing the teeth appear at the correct level, thus smile lift is performed. This process is also called dental antiaging .