Dental Treatment for Disabled Individuals

It is more difficult for children and adults in need of special care to look after their oral hygiene and protect their oral and dental health. This situation adversely affects oral hygiene and causes oral diseases to develop more quickly. These diseases also affect the general health of children and adults in need of special care. Therefore, it is important to improve their oral and dental health of these people.

For dental treatment of disabled individuals a clinical environment with special equipment is important both for the comfort of the patient and also for best possible treatment services. The dentist chair, in which our disabled patients will be treated in our clinic, is designed in a way that will allow our patient to comfortably settle In this way, the patient feels safer and the treatment is completed in a short time so that the patient experiences much less stress.

The entrance and exit of our clinic is suitable for disabled patients. It is aimed to meet every need of the patient with special arrangements in the clinic and in WC.