Gingival Aesthetics

The healthy gingival tissue and its visuality are as important as the teeth itself on aesthetic aspects. No matter how beautiful our teeth, an unhealthy condition in the gums or an aesthetic problem will always create a negative image.

The most common problem is gingival bleeding, swelling, bruising and bright gums due to gingivitis. Following correct treatment by the physician, the problem can be solved easily if the patient pays attention to oral hygiene.

Gummy Smile
It is the case where gum appears more than normal while smiling. For treatment, first the surplus of the gingiva is determined by designing the smile. Afterwards the gum is brought to the desired size via laser which is painless and with almost no bleeding. The use of laser technology during the surgical procedure reduces bleeding and shortens the healing duration. The social life of the patient is not affected.

Gingival recessions
Gingival inflammation or gingival recessions may occur due to aging. The biggest problem here is the black spaces between the teeth. In addition, the appearance of elongated teeth due to gingival recession adversely affects aesthetics. In such cases, we can perform gingival operations to the patient  in order to close those areas. Developing surgical techniques and technological advances increase the success of this treatment.

Color Problems  
Especially a problem experienced by brunette individuals; is the case where the pink color of the gum is darker in certain areas or in all gingival areas. The treatment of the problem called Melanin Pigmentation has become possible by means of the developing dental technology.  After 15 minutes of laser treatment, these discolorations can be easily removed. The patient can achieve a healthy and more aesthetic gum color .