Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Halitosis, coming either from the mouth or stomach, is bad breath disturbing both himself/herself or the people around him/her. Bad breath affects the social life of the person in an unfavourable way results in self-confidence problems.

The bad odor that occurs in the breath is mostly of oral origin. An oral infection, an advanced gum disease, or bacteria that settle in food residues that have remained in the mouth for more than a few hours may cause odor.

Other systemic problems that cause odor include: sinusitis, diabetes (acetone odor), stomach and intestinal diseases, kidney failure (fishy smell), liver and metabolism disorders.

Firstly the cause of bad breath should be diagnosed and treated accordingly. With the treatment of decayed teeth and gum diseases, extraction of the teeth that need to be removed and the change of restorations needed increases the oral hygiene level preventing halitosis.