Periodontology (Gum Treatment)

Periodontal diseases are the diseases that affect the gums and all other tissues adjacent to the tooth. In adults, 70% of dental loss occur because of periodontal diseases.

In the first stage of gum inflammation called gingivitis, only the gums are affected. During this period, gums are bleeding, red and grow in volume. Gingivitis is a reversible disease with routine oral care and regular dental scaling 

With the progression of inflammation, the next stage called “periodontitis” occurs. In periodontitis, the inflammation has now passed into the jawbone which may cause jawbone loss over time.

In general, poor oral care, smoking, genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress, drug use, clenching and grinding, malnutrition, some systemic diseases, and improper dental treatments are the reasons of peridontal diseases.

In the treatment of , the root surface flattening, flap operation, tissue grafts and laser applications can be performed individually or in combination.